The most beautiful places in America

The most beautiful places in America

1. Canyonlands, Utah. Arch Mass (Mesa Arch is one of the area’s attractions Canyonlands, which in 1964 was declared a national Park. The area of this unique landscape of the monument was 527 square kilometers. There are a lot of canyons, mountains and river valleys that are part of the desert landscape, including a system of canyons Meise, rock towers needles, green island areas of the sky and other natural objects.

2. The redwoods, California. A man wanders through Sequoia National Park, which is located on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada. For growing in these parts of the hundred-meter redwoods, whose age is three thousand years of human history is nothing more than a moment.

3. The Coast Of Maine. The coast of Maine is a romantic walk on the beach, swimming in the cool sea, great lobster for a romantic dinner by candlelighton the beach. The time spent here, You will not be able to forget ever.. Continue reading

Mountain Taishan

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Mountain Taishan is located in Central Shandong province. At the foot of the mountains is the birthplace of Confucius (C. 551-479 BCE ancient Chinese philosopher, founder of Confucianism) – Qufu, and behind them is the administrative center of Shandong province – Jinan. The height of the main peak of 1545 Mountain Taishan, together with the Hengshan mountains (in Hunan province), Huashan, Hengshan (in Shanxi province) and the song is called “five great mountains of China”, Among them Taishan ranks first in the hearts of the Chinese.

Since ancient times the Chinese believe that “if the mountain Taishan calm, then all of China stable. With Qin dynasty (221-207 BCE) through the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) emperors tried to Taishan mountains to pray. Here they left a lot of temples and stone steles. The great Confucius said: “Climbing the mountain Taishan, feel that other small mountains”. There was a lot and poets, they left many Continue reading

Beautiful places in North America

18 the most beautiful places in North America

Death Valley, California. Is part of the Mojave desert. Death valley is the lowest, driest and hottest place in North America.

2. Kilauea, Hawaii. In the archipelago of the Islands of Hawaii, the volcano of Kilauea spewing lava flows and steam in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

3.Mountains Wally, Utah. Hills Sandstone in the valley Wally are like towers at the corners.

4. Niagara falls, new York. Tourist boat “maid of the Mist crosses the river down from the waterfall.

5.Red forest, California. Some of the tallest trees on the planet took refuge in the remaining sections of the coastal forests of California.

6.Grand Canyon, Arizona. Below the canyon the Colorado river still carries its fast waters.

7. The mammoth cave, Kentucky. This grotto in the National Park is part of one of the most Continue reading

The most beautiful gardens in the world

Human hands can turn an ordinary garden into a real miracle on Earth. Earlier people only admired gardens of Babylon, and now these beautiful gardens is becoming every year more and more. True works of art are created by different people, at different times and in different cities. Consider a few of the beautiful and creative gardens.

The garden of cosmic speculation . This garden was established in 1989 in Scotland. The author is Charles Jencks and his wife Maggie. The idea of this garden is based on the fact, to show people some regularities of nature and mathematical laws. This landscape creativity is open to visitors only once a year. Charles Jencks believes that the garden of cosmic speculations should trigger thoughts about natural essence.

Suan Nong Nooch . This creation of human hands was established in 1954 in Thailand (Pattaya). It was initially supposed Continue reading

Abnormal places of the world

1. In China there is a river with a waterfall, which does not freeze in winter at minus 30 degrees Celsius. But in the middle of summer, the flow, for unexplained reasons, begins to harden.

2. Very tiny pond (100×60 m) in Taldy Kurgan oblast of Kazakhstan does not dry up even in the height of summer, and the water remains ice in it. There is no fish and no algae. Accurate studies were not conducted, as divers, even with a full tank of air, starts to choke after just three minutes.

3. Valley of falling birds located in the mountains of the Indian state of Assam. Every August the middle of the night from the sky begin to fall birds. Thus, birds are in a semi-conscious state and not even try to escape when they are taken in hand.

4. Volume is a prehistoric plant, the very existence of which has long been a state secret Australia. This pine, Dating back nearly 150 million years.

5. Exploring shapes and sizes of the Arctic ocean and Antarctica,scientists were surprised to find that their contours are almost identical. It has been suggested that, as a result of a meteorite, the continent of Antarctica as “squeezed out” from the other side of the planet. This fantastic hypothesis today has many supporters. Continue reading

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Those people who were obedient to the top of Olympus financial, still have something to conquer - in the world there are quite remote, but very interesting places that are worth visiting for those who can cope with any difficulties.
In Sardinia we are well combined beach holidays and sightseeing trips. According to the myths and legends, Sardinia is forsaken by God footprint on the earth.
In addition to the ancient cities, the American continent is rich and natural attractions are various canyons, picturesque valleys, deserts, mountains. All this is of great interest to tourists. Agree that it is interesting to visit, say, in Egypt, visiting the pyramids of Giza, and then to come to Mexico and visit the pyramids of chichén Itzá.
In the world everything is fine. But there are places that cause the greatest delight and admiration. In such places must visit, to see everything for yourself, enjoy the beauty of our world, the grandeur of the monuments of ancient civilizations.